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Frank Hovis

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I don't know if anybody has been following this. They had a lot of problems with disruptive posters, banned a lot of them and then made membership invitation only by existing members so there was no registration and volume dropped massively as a result. Now they've been hacked. Suspicion naturally falling on the Australian escapees who wrecked the previous darkside forum.

Not sure how it's been done, if you look on the topic listing page the hacker has responded to a lot of posts, but if you go into the posts there is no message there.

I don't know what forum software they use vs HPC but to flag it up as a warning.

Edit - can't see any subsequent posts (this was done at 4.30 in the morning) so it looks broken.

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Creditcrunch forum? Never 'eard of it guv.

It's a bit quiet these days.

I dip into CreditCrunch, GEI and (while it lived) ********** as sometimes they would pick up stories that haven't featured on here so I crib them. Never joined any of them, and especially would not join anywhere with that pompous Magpie on the forum.

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Owned by a right weirdo who banned all those fingered by the bloke who suffered domestic violence by his wife, quite a big bloke really. :D

Sounds a bit strange indeeed. I don't follow it that closely so hadn't formed a picture. Just picked up that it had recently gone from being open to everyone (trying to increase trade when it was for sale) to needing to be related to an existing poster to join which has dropped the daily post count enormously. These one-man-band forums seem to be quite fragile, Consa let his go (though that was partly down to illness) and one regular football one of mine has been entirely deleted (only to re-emerge) twice because the owner didn't like the way it was heading each time.

Interesting quote on there yesterday:

GEI is no longer the GEI I signed up for - it needs to decide if it is about investment (and related housing, economics, interest rates, lifestyle issues etc. etc.) or conspiracy theories. I was happy to moderate investment issues, but did not realise the extent of conspiracy twaddle tucked away in other parts of the site, which discredit the good comments on investment made by others.

These conspiracy issues seem to be spilling over into the GEI main forum now by certain posters (e.g. The Gold Thread has a comment shortly after i left about people (presumably me) being brainwashed by 'flouride in the water', and there are other dubious threads I see). In its current state, GEI - which always considered itself the intellectual version of HPC - is actually the tabloid version of HPC. Sort of the 'Sunday Sport' version of HPC, if you get the analogy, complete with "World War II bomber found on the moon" thread in fringe section.

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In its current state, GEI - which always considered itself the intellectual version of HPC - is actually the tabloid version of HPC

I always thought that GEI was a bit "dry" for my tastes, certainly in its early days. I'm surprised to hear of such changes. Is it the dedicated followers of cgnao that have brought about this change?

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