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E Mail Program For Windows 7


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I have just bought a new laptop as my old XP machine died. The old machine had outlook that I had configured to download all my emails etc.

The new laptop doesnt have such a program and I am interested in what any other windows 7 users use.

I want an email program to downlaod all of my work emails like outlook did, but not any emails form my hotmail account as I prefer to check those via a web borwser now and again

If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated


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I don't want to hijack this thread, but to me, Windows is slow, insecure, tedious, expensive, unstable and irritating. In all it's forms. And when it goes bad, it goes bad, bad. No help, no community nothing. Just fails. Up to the user, or (expensive) PC wordl etc.

Explore the alternatives. Because they actually exist...

Of course, if you're happy with Windows AFTER having looked at the alternatives, then good, but I have a problem that Windows MUST be installed on every new machine (Macs aside) because M$ bully OEMs. This kind of anti-competitive nonsense is of no use to anyone.

Edit: Evolution or Thunderbird works well. They're just POP3 or IMAP servers anyway...

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