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In april I looked at a house that suited my needs that had been on sale six weeks. It is a lower ground floor flat with no outside space, which can be hard to shift. It was at 200K which is pretty much the ceiling price for an LG flat in the area.

As it wasn't the best example of a LG flat I thought it was at least 25K overpriced and as I didn't think that the sellers were motivated enought to move at that price (they paid 175K) I didn't make an offer.

Two weeks later they reduced the price to 194K, as if that was gouing to make any difference (and pretty much confirmed my thoughts about lack of motivation).

Then in July they took on a second agent.

In August they reduced to 190K

And today it has arrived in my in box via a third agent (still at 190K).

Sorry guys, when you reduce to 175K I might make you an offer, not before.


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In a leasehold flat wouldn't all the leaseholders be liable for property damage (not personal property damage) ?

Genuine question as me no know .

Yes, they would for anything external (or rather the buildings insurance would). However, probably not much comfort when your possessions are floating in a sea of sewage.

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