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There seems to be a sudden fashion for posting predictions unsupported by telegraph link, so I thought I'd have a go:

Deficit reduction plans and credit rating agency endorsement lead to strong sterling.

Exports suffer.

Foreign property investment falls off.

Inflation remains stubbornly high.

BoE jawboning having been ignored, they hit us with a 25bps slap.

Increasing number of HPI indexes go YoY negative.

Media turns hysterically bearish.

First quarter of negative GDP.

BoE restart extrordinary measures including "measured" QE of say £100bn.

Fed implement shock and awe QE of some unimaginable sum.

Capital flight to strong sterling.

Rinse and repeat.

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Don't agree with the strong sterling part (over the mid to longer term)...

I'll add:

UK property is entering a serious and prolonged leg down.

Banking sector gets decimated.

Finances at all levels (including Sovereign) are get squashed.

Unemployment continues to increase.

No chance for college grads to gain employment,

Coalition comes unglued.

The British economy depends upon banking and property. Meredith Whitney has turned very bearish on the banks now. Some have predicted layoffs of 80,000 in the City.

I tend to side more with Tamara De Lempicka on the future of Sterling.

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