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Don't Pay For Another's "investment"

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Struck me this morning, whilst contemplating doing a conversion, how property owners refer to such things as "investing", when in reality such work can be a net loser, unless you can palm it off on a greater fool.

Most 20 year old work will not comply with current regulations and plenty of 10 year work also, but reference to non-compliance may be absent from vendor details and ignored by concerned parties merely because there are no rules requiring it to be brought up to standard (or ripped out) once it is over 1 year old. Given said alterations have held up for a period, and are, by virtue of time, outside of enforcement, one might take the view that there is nothing to worry about.

However, this thread on the "Regulations" sub-forum of DIYNOT.com, shows that local authorities may well insist on the "regularisation" of such work if and when you decide to do an alteration of your own and call them in. Failing to comply may well result in them with-holding certificates for totally unrelated works. Moreover, their findings will be recorded and put a black mark on your property, which will then be virtually unmortgageable w/o regularisation.

So if and when you come to haggle for your home in the dark days of gov debt repayment, remember to look for alterations and insist on a discount for any "unregularised" work.

extract :

"Because they've seen it, they therefore had to put it on the "parish card entry" so we will find it very hard to sell as this will appear on any searches (just not ours 3 years ago)

Even though the works were completed 8-10 years ago "unauthorised works are held against the property and not the persons undertaking any works"

I have just phoned them and they say they will not be taking any enforcement action but this is effectively a black mark over the property and I do not trust anyone involved in buying or selling a house. I feel we have been conned by the seller, our solicitors and our surveyor."

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