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Spreading Alarm And Despondency

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Hanging on in quiet desperation..

A lot of houses have been for sale for a year or more, while the sellers blame the estate agents for not marketing their property properly, or the buyers for failing to appreciate their Wendy house's true worth, or the banks for being, well, banks, ect ect.

Now that it's in the Telegraph and therefore true, there is an opportunity to put them out of their misery by first enthusing like mad about their lovely home, then saying, trouble is, it's not worth more than two thirds of what you're asking, and next year will be even less. Then make them a silly offer. If enough people do it we'll all get through this nonsense a little quicker.

By the way, having lived in both the north and the south, I find the behaviour of estate agents quite different - in the north you get to meet the seller, no estate agent in sight, whereas in the south the seller is hidden away while the estate agent shows you round. One thought I was eccentric (guilty as charged) because I insist on meeting the vendor and looking into their eyes before handing over my life savings.

Any comments?

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