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The Real Benefit Cheats

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These are the people we should really be getting wound up about, trousering our hard earned tax...

It comes after a pilot amnesty, aimed at the medical profession, led to one doctor handing over £1 million in unpaid taxes, and a dentist owning up to a £300,000 bill. Similar campaigns will be aimed at other high-earning professionals, such as those in the law, architecture and elite sports.

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Why do they need another 900 million to chase tax avoidance surely theyve enough resources in place to catch offenders, clear proof that Dave and the Gang are not at all interested in paying off the debt or creating a smaller state.

Anyway what a surprise these people dont want to give money to the govt who have proven time after time they couldnt be trusted to pour pi55 out of a Wellington boot if the instructions were on the heal.

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There seems to be some confusion even amongst the political elite between tax avoidance and tax evasion.

As I understand it tax avoidance is legal and is simply arranging ones financial affairs so you pay the least tax possible.

Tax evasion is illegal and used to pay less tax by not telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing like the truth.

I suppose I engage in tax avoidance. For example I choose to use a cash ISA for saving rather than a regular savings account, not because I prefer a certain financial institution over another but because by doing so I avoid paying tax on the interest. I also choose to drive a low emission and fuel efficient car, so I avoid the higher road fund tax and over time pay a lot less duty & VAT. This must be tax avoidance, are they going to come after me for it????

If the law makers are so clever they should take care to draft tax laws that are simple and can't be avoided, or at least act swiftly if they find laws being abused or contain loopholes.

After all many MPs appear to be experts in spotting loopholes and ways to fiddle their own financial affairs so why not employ them to do something useful.

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