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'global Warming' Is Now 'global Climate Disruption'

Bob Loblaw

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According to U.S. science adviser John Holdren, the public should start using the phrase ‘global climate disruption’ because it makes the situation sound more dangerous.

During a speech in Oslo, Norway, Mr Holdren said global warming is a ‘dangerous misnomer’ and is not an accurate description of the issues facing the planet.

It comes as Congress prepares to adjourn for the season without completing work on the stalled climate bill, which, after facing a barrage of obstacles, was declared effectively dead in the Senate in July.

But advisers believe using the new terminology could help to drive the message to ordinary people - and put the bill back on the agenda for next year's legislative session.

Referring to the Democrats launch of a new logo, Republican pollster Adam Geller told Fox News: ‘They’re trying to come up with more politically palatable ways to sell some of this stuff.’

Mr Geller added that the phrase ‘global warming’ is easy to criticise.

‘Every time we’re digging our cars out – what global warming? (Global climate disruption is) more of a sort of generic blanket term, I guess, that can apply in all weather conditions.’

Mr Holdren is not the first scientist to make the recommendations. In 2008, NASA said the term ‘global warming’ should be avoided because temperature change ‘isn’t the most severe effect of changing climate’.

‘Changes to precipitation patterns and sea levels are likely to have much greater human impact than the higher temperatures alone,’ its report said.

It’s not the first terminology change the White House has pushed for – previous examples include ‘man-caused disaster’ and ‘overseas contingency operation’.

So any unusual weather can now be explained as being part of 'global climate disruption' with the only cure being to dig deep and pay more tax.

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...' with the only cure being to dig deep and pay more tax.

No, the only cure being to move to a Nuclear-electric/synthetic fuel economy, thus eliminating energy import dependencies and ensuring a large scale cheap supply of energy to run a modern industrial economy..

.. although since such a move would be opposed by the oil industry, coal industry, economic libertarians, mining unions, environmentalists, NIMBYs and that fairly large chunk of the population who would rather freeze in the dark than learn some of the basic physics underlying their enormously privileged lifestyles, it probably won't happen.

And in any case, the sheer quantity of coal burning power stations either just entering service or under construction in China and India means that we are going to get an empirical test of global warming whether we want to or not.

Ho Hum. Flame away (with appropriate sequestration, of course)

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This is scary,

This short advisory paper collates a set of recommendations about how best to shape mass public communications aimed at increasing concern about climate change and motivating commensurate behavioural changes.

“Its focus is not upon motivating small private-sphere behavioural changes on a piece-meal basis. Rather, it marshals evidence about how best to motivate the ambitious and systemic behavioural change that is necessary – including, crucially, greater public engagement with the policy process (through, for example, lobbying decision-makers and elected representatives, or participating in demonstrations), as well as major lifestyle changes.”

The first claims to exploring the psychology of “climate change denial” came from the University of the West of England last year.

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