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Things You Haven't Heard In Ages


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Aside from Injin's regular Printy Printy...

I've not heard, "Its different this time." in regards to house prices anyway.

Although worryingly I have heard of "It is different this time." In regards to automation, outsourcing of jobs and apocalyptic scale of the recession....

What haven't you heard for ages? Or have you heard but has been applied to a different context?

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Lloyds bank no longer send me letters congratulating me on being pre-approved for a £5000 loan I didn't ask for. Tw@ts.

"The government won't let it happen," is a phrase I haven't heard for a while, as is "Only £699 with nothing to pay until 2011."

"Maldives" is another word I used to hear often and now don't hear at all. Perhaps they're under water..... or perhaps the people who used to treat themselves to a holiday there are.

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