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Anyone Seen The Rm Tv Ad?

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Has anyone had the 'pleasure' of seeing the RM advert on TV, where the knowledge of EAs is touted via a weird African veldt scenario?

Fairly laughable for anyone actually having to deal with this shower at the moment - admittedly for the rental 'skills', which mostly seem to involve not being able to count bedrooms or understand that 'garden' generally means something a bit more impressive that a postage-stamp sized bit of decking in an alleyway.

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Who your house will attract. And of course, what your house is worth.

That bit really annoys me.

It is important to realise that an Estate Agent does not value your property. A property valuation is carried out by a qualified surveyor and costs several hundred pounds. An estate agent has no qualification in house valuation, and their estimation would not be accepted by an insurance companies as a basis for your buildings insurance. An estate agent uses their experience of similar properties in the area to suggest an asking price. As it is a "gut feel", there is no science and you are likely to have as much of an idea as an estate agent.
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If you look very closely at the top of the screen, there are vultures circling overhead. :)

Nope. Can't see them.

I looked and looked. I can only see vultures chattering on mobile phones, messing about with tape measures and drinking at the water cooler.

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The "Get the intel before you sell!" tagline is interesting - I'd expect a web site punting  properties and offering the facility to select properties by various criteria including location and price to be of more interest to buyers.

I don't get it.

What does it mean "Get the intel before you sell!" ? :blink:

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