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Just a wee graph based on underlying trends. Posted at the Big Picture.


The Big Picture link:


(Sorry I can't embed - I clicked a don't-show-images button a few months back and lost all sorts of features on the forum. Any advice?)

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(Sorry I can't embed - I clicked a don't-show-images button a few months back and lost all sorts of features on the forum. Any advice?)

Try My Settings and then the Forums tab and ensure the checkbox to the left of 'View images in posts, such as smilies and posted images?' is ticked,

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some links from the blog linked to above are worth looking at:


and this comment from the big picture blog:

Well, as long as we’re looking at real estate bubbles in the same nations:



UK (England)


I will say that I’ve revised, but not yet published, my view of the Canadian housing situation. Based on what I’ve learned since first developing the analytical technique presented in the posts above, I would argue that Canada’s real estate market entered into the inflation phase of a bubble between 2001 and 2002, although not directly.

What I mean by that is that the Canadian real estate market is behaving rationally in response to an economic bubble acting outside Canada’s housing market. Kind of like how textbook prices rise alongside the cost of a college education in the U.S. The bubble is in U.S. higher education, but textbook prices are going along for the ride.

I suspect something similar is happening in Australia, although its origins predate the data used in my analysis, which is suggested by Freddy Hunter’s data.

As for what’s taking the Australian and Canadian housing markets for a ride, my best guess is that it’s a result of their trade with China, which would explain why Australia’s housing bubble would appear to have begun sooner and become much larger than the other nations, as indicated by Hunter’s data.

Or in other words, the main economic bubble driving all this is to be found in China, with housing prices in other countries following in response.

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