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Anyone Know What's Happening To The Dollar?


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Ah very clever. Morgan Stanley releasing rumours of a US QE2 sends the dollar to a 15 year low against the yen. Japanese central bank intervention sends the dollar rocketing back up again. Anyone who knew what was going to happen makes a fortune. Still a bit more to go in this rally I think, I am still looking for GBPJPY to get to 137 or 140 this month.

Anyway, it now looks like the central banks of all of the major currencies are trying to devalue. That could get very interesting.

Of course central banks want to devalue it's in the text books this is how you increase exports, it's there in black and white. Problem is of course what's not in the text books is what happens when everyone is in the same boat and attempts to do the same thing?

I doubt this will be the death of fiat as such, new currencies will be issued to "fix" the problem.

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Stocks, Treasuries, Gold Gain on Fed Bond-Purchase Speculation

By Michael P. Regan and Rita Nazareth

Sept. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Stocks rose for a fifth day, the longest streak for the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index since July, while gold surged to a record and Treasuries gained on speculation the Federal Reserve will purchase as much as $1 trillion in bonds to bolster the economy.

The Zimbabwe stock market went up sharply when Mugabe heated up the printing presses as well , same deal here but a much bigger fish.

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