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Mad Men


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Does anyone watch this series?

It's one of the best things on TV IMO - a bit slow on the surface, but really manages to draw you in.

Plus it has the beautiful Christina Hendricks.


I'd drink her bath water.... B)

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Couldn't get into it.

That said also couldn't get into The Wire, The Sopranos, House, 24, and others.

Maybe I have a low attention span. :unsure:

These series are impossible to watch on cable/satellite TV with all the commercial breaks. So I wait a year or so and torrent them, and watch a whole series back to back. I'll add Mad Men to the list.

Unfortunately then you really get to see how repetitive the episodes are - 24 in particular.

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Just finished watching the first series.

It's nicely done and passes the time. It works well as a counterpoint to the political correctness we all pay lip service to these days (well some of us, at least) and while it highlights glaring areas of sexism and the birth of the beat movement. consumerism etc, it also reminds modern man of what a pussy he has become. :(

Will trilbys ever return?

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