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Is It Private Or Public Sector?

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A Quango charged with chanelling funds into poverty relief projects in the Third World has well rewarded managers living on generous expenses:


The Chairman, Malcolm Williamson, is someone I had the misfortune to meet long ago. I am not surprised by all this.

The organisations defence is that it makes a profit, the funds it uses have been built up from its past deals. They say that not a penny of tax payers money has been spent on their jollys.

But they are wholly publicly owned. Every penny, if not spent on relieving poverty abroad, should be returned to their owner- us.

And why do they think that making a profit justifies living it large at the employers expense?

Does a Hospital Trust which keeps within budget thereby justify big bonuses and flash cars for its managers?

Public service is dead. The 'Big Society' has no chance unless the volunteers can line their pockets.

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One thing that irritates me is the totally adverserial attitude between public and private sector, the constant cries from the unions about 'its not our fault, the private sector caused it' whilst multi billion failed public programme's like the NHS computer are quietly swept under the rug. Both should realise the private sector needs the public sector and vice versa.

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You need to read last week's Private Eye to find out more.

It is a public sector body that you and I and everyone is paying for. Fancy a meal in a 5 star mitchelin restaurant for free?

Last week I cancelled my monthly direct debit of several years standing to a major charity after I learnt from Newsnight and via Google just how much money they were paying chuggers.

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