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Was this an inevitable outcome of sending low paid people who like to take risks to the source of 90% of the world's opium?


British troops investigated for heroin smuggling

Military police are investigating claims that British soldiers may have trafficked heroin from Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Defence said they were aware of "unsubstantiated" claims that troops were using military aircraft to ship the drug out of the country.

The inquiry is focusing on British and Canadian service personnel at airports in Camp Bastion and Kandahar.

Security has been tightened, with additional sniffer dogs being used as part of the crackdown at the bases.

An MoD Spokeswoman said: "We are aware of these allegations. Although they are unsubstantiated, we take any such reports very seriously and we have already tightened our existing procedures both in Afghanistan and in the UK, including through increasing the use of trained sniffer dogs.

"We regret any inconvenience this causes to our service personnel. Any of our people found to be engaged in trafficking of illegal narcotics will feel the full weight of the law."

Afghanistan is the source of 90% of the world's opium.

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I would be absolutely amazed if this hadn't happened. It has always gone on because the opportunity is there.

Here's a Royal Navy - on a drug patrol ship no less - from June.


The film "American Gangster" is apparently based on a true story about a drug dealer who used US planes based in Vietnam in order to smuggle drugs in from the far east..


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Americans been doing this for a while

Drugs investigation at US air bases


08 October 2006 13:11

Twelve American airmen from East Anglia's two USAF bases are at the centre of a suspected drug dealing allegations, it emerged today.

Officials confirmed that the personnel from RAF Lakenheath and Mildenhall were under investigation for the possession and distribution of marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy.

It is not known the quantities of drugs involved, but one national newspaper claimed today that “massive stashes” were sneaked onto military transport planes, which are not subject to customs checks, and passed on to British dealers.

When i used to live around there, sometimes used the gym, they all seem to be on steriods too, cant be too good for maintaining a steady mind.


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My uncle did something similar in 1944.He brought back a case of Camembert from Normandy on his MTB and sold it in the West End to restaurants.

I know someone who is a very wealthy landowner in East Anglia whose father made all his money as a Wartime spiv/black marketeer.

He even died in jail after being involved in some other massive crime decades after the war.

There used to be a motor torpedo type boat stuck in a fens river near 20 Pence Inn abandoned after supposed high speed drug runs from Holland

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