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Anyone Seen A Really Good Film Recently They Can Recommend?

Alistair Campbell

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Looking at my list of 140, the ones I've seen this year, on the blockbuster website, the ones I've rated highly are...

District 9

The hurt locker

The time travellers wife

Men Who Stare at goats

An education


The young victoria

Angels and demons

The boat that rocked

Crazy Heart

The curious case of benjamin button

In the loop

Inglourious Basterds

Star Trek



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I only watch the old films now especially those from the very late 40s, the 50s, and early 60s.

A sample.

The Long Memory- John Mills

Waterloo Road- John Mills

The Lady Killers

The Smallest Show On Earth


me too , i just find the quality of acting so much better

The Lady Killers is excellent

my other faves are

Whisky Galore

escape from Stalag 17

and Arsenic and old lace

i also find the cartoons from that era way superior to

anything from the 70's onwards

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I watched The Secret In Their Eyes yesterday. Very good. If you look it up, dont read the plot...... Why would you read the plot of a mystery/thriller before watching it? You can sort of see the twist coming, if you're paying attention, but probably only for about 5 minutes before the reveal.

I maintain that all HPCers should watch The Fool.

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I very recently saw Religulous...I thought it was very thought provoking...


As for British films, there's Bronson (about the prisoner Charles Bronson)...It gets very bizarre at times..Has anyone seen Pierrepoint? I've heard it's a "cracker"...

I'd second this. Very well put together and wry. But scary too. The screenshot above is when the Senator says without thinking, "You don't need to pass an IQ test to become a Senator" and the pregnant pause afterwards could not have been scripted better.

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