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Ireland Introduces Workfare...

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Proposal expected to be enacted into legislation in due course...

Participants will have their benefits withdrawn if they refuse to work 19.5 hours per week, receiving £12 in total for their work, in addition to benefits.

There are currently 455,000 people on the live register in the Republic of Ireland, which has an official unemployment rate of around 14.0 per cent.

So what's the bloody point? Surely the state has failed to deliver a sustainable economy - what's it up to? Trying to divert attention and divert some of the blame to the 'lazy' unemployed? Trying to defuse a dangerous political situation in which too many educated people have too much time on their hands?

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Because they're not real jobs - they're 'community support' jobs. Ireland's run out of real jobs - that's the problem.

Nixon first came up with this shitty idea I think, with Clinton being a major advocate.

Why don't they just send them to the Gulag and be done with it?

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This was tried in East Germany after reunification in the One Euro Jobs programme, where participants were given work by the state in exchange for one euro an hour in additional benefits. The idea was that it would get people into the habit of working, get them some experience and help them into real jobs. The evidence is that it didn't really work, very few of the participants made a successful transition into real jobs and actually the one euro workers put some real workers out of a job by doing what they would have been doing. It also created a stigmatised group of second-class workers:

Spiegel article

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Why doesn't the minimum wage apply in such situations?

If a job's worth doing, it's worth being paid for it,


Yes. Would someone tell the supermarkets this?

Why has Gordon been supplementing Tesco et al wage bills with taxpayers money?

Some bloke phoned in to LBC or something the other night making this point. He's spot on.

And before anyone bothers, i know exactly what Tescos et al would say.

Well they can ****** right off. Theyre not relocating anywhere anytime soon.

The whole left of british politics have taken their eyes off the ball completely.

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Details came from contact in Dublin - can't find the figures in a link, but here's a mention of the plan here: http://www.irishleftreview.org/2010/09/01/eapn-ireland-workfare-wont-work-unemployed/


Hurrah! It seems that Eamon O Cuiv has finally discovered the long-sought-after panacea for unemployment: force people to work for their social welfare payment. In reality, what they are saying is: "Let's return to the days of the famine roads and cutting nettles, digging ditches, etc."

There has been a great deal of spin about 'fraud', 'upskilling' 'smart economies' and other nonsense from Mr O Cuiv and others, throughout the current recession and prior to the announcement of this scheme. This type of scheme has had an inglorious history.

When all the nonsense is stripped away, the aims (and the reality) of the proposed 'work for welfare' scheme will be as follows: participants in the proposed scheme will not be counted as actually unemployed (even though they will still be unemployed) thus making the unemployment statistics look better than they actually are -- this has always been the primary aim of this type of scheme.

The proposed scheme and all similar schemes are deliberately designed (by the minister and the Government) to make the unemployed feel ashamed of being unemployed and to portray all of the unemployed as fraudsters and scroungers.

The proposed scheme is really designed to force people to emigrate (especially graduates), thus 'exporting' the unemployment problem, as our politicians have done with so many of the nation's problems down through the years.

The proposed scheme will do none of the following: it will not match highly skilled/qualified unemployed people with jobs where they will actually use their skills and qualifications, thus offering them some hope of progression to more substantive employment in the future. And it will not help our economic recovery

Tim Buckley

White Street,

Cork City.

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This should help in other ways

There must be loads of people who claim benefits that shouldn't be:

People claiming under multiple aliases

People who are actually working cash in hand

People who don't exist and the money is being paid into some bank account somewhere

People who are abroad and get other people to sign on

There must be others as well

Because people have to turn up for the register it should stop most of the above. The government here would save a fortune.

Of course exporting the problem is a great idea if it saves money. We normally import problems so this could balance it up a bit.

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Because they're not real jobs - they're 'community support' jobs. Ireland's run out of real jobs - that's the problem.

Nixon first came up with this shitty idea I think, with Clinton being a major advocate.

Why don't they just send them to the Gulag and be done with it?

I guess they've run out of bullets.

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During the 80's i did trainning in:-

Office skills

Eletrical engineering


I worked on placment at shipyards & factorys across Liverpool........for little more than Dole...............F*ck THEM!

They can get off their ass & do SOMETHING!


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Say I am a fisherman but I don't catch any fish for a week and my family begin to starve

The head of the village then gives me some fish to eat from the communal catch

I then decided not to bother going out each day to see if I can catch any fish because I am being given fish for nothing.

Eventually the head of the village decides I am taking the p*ss and stops giving me free fish

So I they have to go out each day and fish

How does that make me a slave?


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