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Yes, from what I understand 'the stig' was per job as just a driver which amounted around 7k PA. The Stig is pretty much bankrupt, his company has been loosing money for years so he wrote a book...

Remember the Old Stig (Perry McCarthy) was written off before, and replace with the new Stig after the old stig started telling people he was the stig

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Note Clarkson's reference to Wall Street. He's clearly got an interest in the financial crisis.

What Clarkson doesn't mention is that he receives large proportion of the profits Top Gear makes?

I'm really in two minds about this. Firstly the stig is a perfect example of globalisation, the original purpose of the character was to allow substitute drivers to be used if the manufacturer required it.

But lets be honest here, the only reason anyone cares about who the stig is because they continually joke about him and the same person has performed the main task for 7 years. So surely he should be able to profit from his story.

The issue here is that the BBC probably used the wrong law to attack him. I personally would have licensed the use of the Stig trademark for the book for a token payment of say £20 a copy.

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I like Top Gear but couldn't give a monkey's about the Stig. That and the celeb drivers are comfort breaks in the programme to make up for the lack of adverts. The whole point of the Stig charcater is that it is a faceless drone, slightly mocking the adulation of F1 drivers who get millions for driving laps.

I had assumed they had a pool of Britsih Touring Cars drivers doing it myself, that would have kept the cost down and meant they could always have guaranteed somebody would be available. Hence the anonymity.

The BBC should never have spent a penny of legal fees on it, but what do you expect with that lot?

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