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Nigel Farage Goes Nuts In European Parliament

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I know plenty of socialists who think the country has been overrun by '3rd World immigrant scum'

Yes, that's their problem and immigration is just a symptom of Globalization that has now hit the buffers in the last couple of years. Why should we scapegoat immigrants for Britain's underlinging economic problems (partially caused by that lady you use as an avatar) when they're still a comparatively small minority of people and many of them have gone home? Short-sighted employers saw them as a easy fix for their businessess, freezing out the locals in their hundreds of thousands to low millions, but I save my ire for the political establishment and corporations for that.

British jobs for British workers!!!!

That was a major gaffe by Brown.

Wasn't that a BNP slogan and they're National Socialists

The BNP has more populalist appeal than faux-80s Tory UKIP because of their anti-corporate socialism (shame about the Hitler worship and unreasoned racism).

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