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Digital Region Is Stimulating My Road By Digging It Up

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Digital Region is the first major regional deployment of 'Superfast Broadband' in the UK, not only bringing improved access to a whole range of entertainment, business and public sector services, but importantly attracting new investment and new jobs – for young and old – into the region

What is Superfast Broadband ?

Superfast Broadband is the Next Generation of Broadband, offering products including a guaranteed 25Mb/sec to your home:

* You are offered a guaranteed level of bandwidth

* Everyone in your house can use computers, play games, watch videos - all at the same time

Quality of Service:

* You can watch live TV and HDTV over the internet in perfect quality

* Voice, video and broadband services are delivered to your home without interacting with each and reducing quality

Multiple Service Providers:

* More choice; you can buy your HDTV, VoIP, Broadband services from different services providers and have them delivered to your home over the same infrastructure

For business:

* Brings 'big' bandwidth business solutions that are affordable to the small and medium sized business

* It supports affordable virtual private networks (VPN's) allowing you to connect to all your locations, or your workers, wherever they are

In summary Superfast Broadband is the 4th Utility, no more worrying about slow Internet connections, or being annoyed that you are not getting the bandwidth you are paying for.

This all sounds very exciting but I'm wondering if it's a complete waste of money at this moment in time.

Although will it help my house increase in value?

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