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Dave Beans

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Ideally, or freeware...I'm a scrooge.. <_<

Well the MS one are freeware - I doubt they are going to able to produce top quality cinematic effects but depending on what you're looking to do it could be good enough.

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I recently did some video editing for the first time and was advised to use Windows Movie Maker which comes free with XP. I found it quite easy to use once I'd learnt the basics. You can splice, fade in/out with special effects, add titles, add music., possibly more but I haven't got that far yet. One thing i did notice is that once you start editing video you notice that you could always do with more RAM memory as my PC started slowing up quite a bit.

I used it for editing some video footage taken from my model glider using a cheap key fob cam.

If you're interested it's here

PS - May be best to turn the sound down a bit as the wind noise can get rather loud!

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