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Wayne Rooney prostitute Jennifer Thompson shamelessly breaks cover as disgraced fooballer jets off to Switzerland with England squad

# Coleen seeks refuge at parents' home as she ponders future of marriage

# Cousin of Manchester United star brands him 'disgusting'

# Threat to 'brand Rooney', the empire built on family values


Privately-educated Miss Thompson also claimed that Rooney had invited her to his home one night when Coleen was away, but she refused.

Last night she was not at her parents’ £300,000 detached home in Bolton.


You wonder if she will ever return to Rooney Towers, the £4.5million mansion in Prestbury, Cheshire, which Wayne built for her, with its seven televisions, spray-tan booth, home cinema, gym, pool and indoor hot tub.


Instead she is with her parents Tony and Colette in the £1million house in Formby which was her first home with Wayne back in the early days. And what of Wayne?


Coleen has a softer spot for their home on the Royal Westmoreland estate in Barbados, which was built only recently.

Damn the Wail missed an open goal with this one property mentioned but no value attached to it sloppy journalism if you ask me.

So one story 3 properties mentioned with values and one mentioned with no value attached.

Thank god we aren't a nation obsessed with property prices.

Can't wait for the follow up story of what happens to Jenny and her newly bought £X valued flat / home.

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