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Has Anyone Done Land's End - John O'groats?

Dave Beans

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Following on with the UK Geography theme, has anyone completed this route? What method(s) did you use? How long did it take? It looks a bit of a bugger..

It's a regular cycling route - lots of folks do it as a first Real Tour or thereabouts. Look in cycling fora and you'll find pointers to recommended routes, avoiding main roads and taking in more pleasant things. About 2 weeks is common and gives a good mix of riding and touring the scenic tracks, museums and cathedrals, pubs and cafés on the way. One week if you concentrate more on pedaling. Or if you're ultra-fit and go flat out, the record time is IIRC just over 40 hours.

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We did it a few years ago, more by accident than design.

We went and camped in Cornwall - got there, did Land's End that day, went to campsite and got the tent up... very high winds broke a pole in the tent, went and bought another tent, but because of the bad weather we couldn't manage to get it pitched... due to this we wound up renting a chalet on the campsite for the night (with the intention of putting up the tent the next day...) but we had access to a TV, and we saw the weather report - which told us that Cornwall and tents weren't going to be a relaxing getaway.

Visited Lizard Point on the way home. Got home to dry out, reassess and decide what to do instead, it seemed perfectly reasonable to us that seeing as we'd done two compass points, we might as well go and look at some more. Popped over to Lowestoft Ness very early the next morning, and then made the drive up to Scotland. We didn't manage Cape Wrath, but we did the rest up there - spent a night in the north of england on the way up, and one on the way back down, and had a few nights in Fort William, and one in Inverness on the way to Duncansby and Dunnet heads. We went to Dungeness on a weekend trip to Daan Saaarf, and so far, Cape Wrath sits in the back of my mind as the one that Still Needs Visiting.

We stretched it out over about 10 days, with plenty of time to see and do other stuff. I reckon you could happily do it in a long weekend if you wanted to, but it wouldn't be as much fun, and you wouldn't see as much of the places you go past - and surely half the fun of the journey is the travelling, not just the getting there?

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