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Nice Cuts? Nasty Cuts? One Thing Is Sure, They Are On Their Way...

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Going for a run – or in my case a wheezy jog – with Gateshead’s Low Fell Running Club, I heard a largely middle-class crowd worry that cuts made too deep and too fast could damage the North East. Memories of the Eighties recession are still raw here, and dependence on the public sector still strong – almost one in three jobs is paid for by public money.

At an engineering firm in Grantham I heard workers worry that cuts might destroy consumer confidence, bringing back the days not long gone when the talk was of firings, not hirings. At a hairdressers down the road, customers expressed their fears that the Government might cut the wrong things. Some simply did not believe Ministers’ promises to protect health spending.

I asked buyers and sellers at a car boot sale in Letchworth whether they’d rather welfare be cut than public services. Most agreed they would, but once I suggested that perhaps they might like to give up their tax credits or their free bus pass they became rather less keen.

Opinion polls confirm the story. The argument about whether to cut is over. About three-quarters of voters tell pollsters that spending cuts are necessary to cut Britain’s debt.

The other arguments have, however, scarcely begun. If you ask people whether they fear that the cuts may be too deep, the numbers start to change.

One recent poll showed that around two-fifths of people share that worry. Another showed that figure rising to well over half once people were told that the Government planned cuts of a quarter in the budgets of most of its departments. More than half of people tell pollsters they fear a second recession.

These anxieties grow louder the further north you are, when you speak to women, not men, and to those who work in the public, rather than the private, sector.

Those barely suppressed doubts and fears are the reason the politicians were so cautious at Election time. However, in the past few days the debate has begun to open up again. Gordon Brown’s old ally Ed Balls has warned that even the policy his party advocated at the Election risked driving the economy back into recession.

Thus, there are now not two but three political positions on how soon and how far to cut spending – the Government’s, the previous Government’s and the Brown-Balls position that growth should be put first.

The argument is where Gordon Brown wanted it to be – not between nice and nasty cuts but between ‘deficit deniers’ and ‘growth deniers’. Privately, I’ve heard even Tory Cabinet Ministers wonder how wise it is to cut as far and as fast as they are committed to doing.

This is the debate with which the BBC is now trying to engage viewers, listeners and readers.

That’s why we’re staging 12 major regional television debates across England, sending me down the A1, and will air other reports and features.

Bizarrely, some newspapers and some politicians suggest that this is doing the Government’s work for them. Some Ministers fear exactly the reverse.

Naturally, politicians on all sides are nervous about a debate they didn’t dare to have openly at the Election. Deep down, however, they know that this debate is long, long overdue.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1309165/NICK-ROBINSON-Nice-cuts-Nasty-cuts-One-thing-sure-way-.html#ixzz0yf0GzLWX

He should just come here and ask us.

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I've pretty much concluded that this government hasn't got the cojones to implement the cuts they've promised, let alone the deeper cuts they should be making. Once the unions/public/benefit claimants/media kick off, they'll back off quicker than a French President at a farmers' roadblock. I hope I am proven wrong.

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This is the debate with which the BBC is now trying to engage viewers, listeners and readers.

A Drimbleby style 'debate' where joe public has been screened for certain tendencies beforehand?

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I do not believe this government will carry out any significant cuts. What convinced me is reading how connected members of the Tory party are to the juiciest public sector non-jobs. Like wives, cousins, sister-in law, parents etc.. If they try something like cut the consulate staff in Timbuktoo, they will get a call from a senior Tory whose brother is the head of that mission. And sister-in law leads a famous NGO there. Ok I'm making that one up up but it is that bad.

It would take real balls to go and slash and burn, when the cuts hit close to home.

We already see lots of threats to cut, lots of rumours of cuts, tough talk all around.. but little to no action on the ground. The Labour budget of 2010 is still the official budget of the country.

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I think Osborne would. I think Cameron trusts his friend. But if the going got tough who knows?

I like Osborne.. he has the real fire in his eye. Hes the guy who has the balls/aggression to do what he believes is right for the country. Even if it makes him hated amongst the in-crowd. Cameron people naturally like because you can tell he is a nice guy who doesnt' want to hurt peoples feelings.

They are a good team together. What I wonder about is to pass things in our parliamentary system you need several hundred votes. Each vote represents constituencies, special interests, personal ties.

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I've pretty much concluded that this government hasn't got the cojones to implement the cuts they've promised, let alone the deeper cuts they should be making. Once the unions/public/benefit claimants/media kick off, they'll back off quicker than a French President at a farmers' roadblock. I hope I am proven wrong.

I read a great piece in the Gulf Times in Doha a couple of weeks ago.


Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday dismissed calls by business leaders to drop plans for a nuclear tax, saying threats usually backfired.

"It's like this with me: if anything seems like a threat or blackmail, then that usually leads me to go in the opposite direction", Merkel said.

"I also don't believe I owe anything to a specific group of the society but as chancellor I have to be responsible for everyone in Germany", she added.

Why the fecking hell can't our "leaders" have that kind of balls? Why do we have "leaders" sin cojones, who have to float every idea through the media (e.g. Capital Gains Tax on BTL's) and then water it down if some powerful lobby cuts up a bit rough.

Right now we need REAL LEADERS, not NueLiebour-stylie-focus-group-and-opinion-poll-obsessed-wobbly tw@ts, who in G****n B***n had the biggest open goal, ever known in political history in front of them, and who just managed not to say c**t in front of the cameras for a couple of months...


PS. I'm pleased to see that the obscenity filter now recognises the biggest obscenity of recent times, and won't allow me to type his disgusting name in full text :D

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Its dangerous. If they cut and cut deep people might have forgot in 5 years time. It will make things better.

If they mess around and cut in slowly over 3 years, people wont have forgot and it wont have made enough difference.

If they talk a good game, dont do anything and the economy naturally starts to improve in 5 years time, could be a guaranteed election win. With no one feeling any pain, things getting better.

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Eat sh1t & die!

These people, no SHEEP piss-me-off !

They sat there while Blair got brown to pump their houses prices......oh Free money, we rich, we rich...........& then they forgot to say ANYTHING when Blair & Bush marched into Iraq & killed a million!

Now, because "the invoice" has arrived they "Worried".........million dead people whom did nothing to you scumbags, now your worried the company BMW might be going, Oh MY i feel for you!

You sheep are going to get EVERYTHING thats coming !!!!!!


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Part of the problem with making real cuts is that the beeb and other MSM will carry endless stories about ward and school closures, council workers who've just been given their P45s, etc. This will be on the 6pm news on sky, itv and the beeb.

But they will run relatively few stories about the reduction in the deficit, or the reduced tax burden on the productive part of the economy, etc. And those that are run will be mostly buried late at night on newsnight etc.

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