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Hairline Scratches On Windscreen

The Masked Tulip

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Got in my car tonight and noticed that someone had scratched a 6 inch mark on my windscreen in my line of sight - 2 or 3 lighter lines below the main one also.

Checked outside and it is a definite mark as I can feel the raised line but it is hairline thick. A few milimeters on one side of the scratch there is another indentation where it looks someone dug something in, a key maybe, where they either started or finished the scratch.

What can I do about this?

Can I get it polished out and is this something that I can get done on my insurance for £75 via someone like autotrader?

Pretty miffed as I rarely drive nowadays and when I do I am so ruddy cautious - re the anxiety - that I go out of my way not to cut people up or annoy them.

I had a chap knock on my door a few weeks ago one evening trying to sell me things, told me he was an ex prisoner on some release scheme and when I pointed out that I was ill and not getting any benefits he went ballistic before walking off. May well not be him but this is the only person I have had any bad encounter with for months.


TMT in 'I am trying to be nice to the Universe but pretty miffed' mode

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Sorry to hear about that TMT. They definitely come out as my dad bought a car with that sort of thing in the windscreen and they were fixed. Some sort of heat treatment IIRC.

As they say in the ads if you're fully comp you should be able to get it done free, give your insurers a call.

There was a slight lensing form where they were fixed but you only noticed it if you were looking for it.

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It sounds fixable and is usually free with most insurance companies, as long as the windscreen doesn't need replacing. Either way, it doesn't affect your no claims discount, and only costs about £60 for a full replacement.

What? £60 for a full replacement screen?

I thought that sum was just to repair scratches and chips?

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