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Losses Of £1M, Three Children In Three Years And A Lifetime Of Frustrated Ambition... Why The Stig Really Unmasked Himself


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Jeremy Clarkson would be impressed. Outside Ben ­Collins’ smart Bristol semi are two brand new cars: a £40,000 sporty A5 and — ­perfect for a growing suburban family — a £40,000 VW people carrier.

Meanwhile, inside the four-bedroom £575,000 house in Bristol’s most upmarket area workmen have been renovating the place for weeks.

If Ben has been worried about losing his job on Top Gear after unveiling himself as the man who has appeared as The Stig for the past seven years, he certainly isn’t showing it.

Indeed, the stunt driver appears to have been splashing cash about recently, which is ­surprising because the Mail can reveal that his company, Collins AutoSport, has racked up a £1 million loss over the past five years.

The tidy advance of about £250,000 he got from HarperCollins, which is publishing his autobiography later this month, should help.

But company accounts show that despite ­Collins making cash injections of around £100,000 a year into his company, it has still required ­support from him.

Considering his business is losing money he's busy flashing the cash (I assume debt) to buy nice new toys.

I just love stories like this where you have to tell you how much the house is worth. Pity they never add if they are mortgaged up to the hilt as well.

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