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UK services growth slowest for 16 months as hiring falls
.Reuters, 11:41, Friday 3 September 2010
UK service sector activity grew last month at its slowest pace since April 2009, with a marked fall in hiring as employers worried about an economic slowdown and public spending cuts.

Without jobs HPi is dead and the crash will rule.

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Anyone seen the OBR's forecasts for GDP over the next few years? If not, this is what they were on 19th August.


Quarter GDP at market prices (£bn, CVM)

2010Q1 317.2

2010Q2 318.9

2010Q3 320.7

2010Q4 322.5

2011Q1 324.2

2011Q2 326.2

2011Q3 328.3

2011Q4 330.5

2012Q1 332.7

2012Q2 335.2

2012Q3 337.9

2012Q4 340.5

2013Q1 342.9

2013Q2 345.3

2013Q3 347.6

2013Q4 349.9

2014Q1 352.3

2014Q2 354.6

2014Q3 357.0

2014Q4 359.4

2015Q1 361.7

2015Q2 364.2

2015Q3 366.7

2015Q4 369.3

2016Q1 371.8

So, GDP forecast to grow steadily from here on. :lol::lol::lol:

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Any stats for GDP growth predicted against actual?

I presume the OBR based its Q1 and Q2 2010 figures on historical figures from the ONS.

ONS growth figures for Q2 - preliminary estimate dated 23rd July http://www.statistics.gov.uk/pdfdir/gdp0710.pdf

- revised figures published 27th August http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=192).

So I suppose we'll have to wait and see what happens in quarters 3 and 4 and on into the future.

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So, GDP forecast to grow steadily from here on. :lol::lol::lol:

And house prices too:

2010-11 +4.1%

2011-12 +2.3%

2012-13 +4.2%

2013-14 +4.5%

2014-15 +4.5%

2015-16 +4.5%

So residential property prices forecast to rise roughly 27% over the next six fiscal years, and they’re also forecasting residential property transactions to rise by nearly 80% over the same period. In other words, in 2015-16 it’ll be like 2007 all over again. B)

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