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Kylie Minogue Is Struggling To Sell Her London Flat

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And 9k per year service charges to someone too. Location, location maybe for the flat price but a block of flats to be serviced is a block of flats

to be serviced whether in Kensington or Kennington. I'd love to see those management company accounts.

That type of rip-off merchant must be rubbling their hands in glee as they see these celebrities coming a mile off.

With a resident caretaker this will depend upon how many apartments there is in the block. If it's a small block this could be costing 5 grand per year each (for not very much added value)

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If she needs an offer, I would give her one. Then again I should be so lucky.

Got to be Certain of the price when selling Kylie. Dont ask me about the right price, Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi.

I think though, if you have your Hand on Your Heart, the price is a bit too high. A bit of a spring clean would go amiss either, no mileage in saying that you Wouldnt Change a thing. It is Never Too Late to put that right, you will have Tears on Your pillow if you dont.

And it isnt wise to sell to a stranger, Better the Devil You Know. I know that if you could Step Back in Time, you would have put it on the market earlier.

What do I have to do? I hear you say. Make it look nice and drop the price, I was Shocked to see the asking price. The Word is out you might take a much lower offer, I can tell you that if you were me now, you wouldnt want to pay that price.

And that bloke who said give me just a little more time to find the money will never come through. What kind of fool believes that line. When you get to sell it, I am sure that there will be a Celebration, but please confide in me the price it actually went for. How about an advert - "Put Yourself in My Place" - making use of your fame.

Cant be bothered to do anymore.


Half of that is nonsense and the other half doesn't make sense? Don't sell to a stranger?? Bloke who needs more time to get the money together??????

Either that or you've got really sheeeeite taste in music and its littered with song names ;)

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The flat was refurbished to Miss Minogue’s exact specifications by renowned interior designers and developers Candy & Candy five years ago.

The refit alone was said to have cost £2million.

They saw her coming.

I dislike those f*ckers with an irrational passion.

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There may well be thousands of people (and journalists) 'struggling' to sell their properties at the moment, but I doubt Kylie Minogue is one of them. "Kylie Minogue Is Indifferent To The Sale Of Her London Flat" would be more accurate.

I went round for a viewing. She asked me if I wanted to see anything other than the ground floor.

"No, I have just come to look at the bottom".

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