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Official: Population Surpasses 55 Million

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Record population increase is 'the biggest since the Sixties'
Last updated at 12:01 AM on 2nd September 2010
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The population of England and Wales took a record leap upwards last year, official estimates showed yesterday.
The number topped 55million - a rise of more than 400,000 on the 2008 figure.
The 0.74 per cent rise was the highest percentage annual increase since the Sixties.

Despite free for all in our immigration policy having been in place since the 60's it may not necessarily keep the HPI "industry" on track as there must come a point when overcrowding reduces the wealth of a nation leading to more widespread poverty and inability to pay for houses that get out of line with decreasing wages (in real value terms).

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Everyone is having children, and many of them, not surprising really!

Odd though that 25% babies born in the UK are to immigrants.. now either the immigration figures are wrong and we've had a massive population explosion or immigrants are having a disproportionate number of kids compared to locals.

Makes you wonder what rich tapestry of a nation we'll have in 30yrs time when 1/4 of the population are from 1st gen immigrants.

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Everyone is having children, and many of them, not surprising really!

IIRC most of the new births are a result of recent loose immigration policies?

Either way, it does not seem that immigration trends will necesarily boost HPI by overcrowding the country and making it more difficult for people to acquire housing--at any price.

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British manufacturing 'at risk of collapse in five years because of skills shortage'Although manufacturing output is rising, 90,000 jobs in the West Midlands will prove hard to fill by 2015, warns new study
Rebecca "Bex" Smithers, consumer affairs correspondent The Guardian, Thursday 2 September 2010 Article history
There is an urgent need for more immigrants in this country as the indigenous population is too inbred to produce people of normal intelligence and skill levels to fill all of these jobs. In other news, the government is proud to announce that more ttractors were built last month.......
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