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Famous People I've Met

Dave Spart

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So which famous people have you met? I'll start.

Rick McCallum - Producer (Star Wars)

Hayden Christensen - Actor (Star Wars)

Per Lindstrand - Balloonist

Kelly Holmes - Athlete

Peter Ebdon - Snooker Player

Les Ferdinand - Footballer.

Mike Gatting - Cricketer

PS I made also start a thread "Famous People Who'd Rather Keep Their Sexual Trangressions To Themselves" as I am aware of a number of very famous people who have enjoyed liaisons of the immoral kind (which have yet to be reported, none of whom are mentioned in the list above, m'lud).

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Sjaak Lucassen, man who spent 3 years travelling round the world on a sports bike crossing deserrs and jungles.

Tiffany C - Most travelled woman on motorbike in the world

Walter - First man to cross Siberia in 1994 on a motorbike along with John Fox, 1 year before Mondo Enduro.

Lois Pryce long distance biker.

Austin Vince as above

Hannah Harper - Pornstar

Bryan - Korean pop star

Zack Kim - the guy who plays two guitars at the same time


Otto Peters - One of the officers of the Bismarch (which is why I have 3 degrees of separation between me and Hitler 4 for Mao, Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchil)

Maria Ozawa - French/Japanese pornstar

Marji Ima - Japanese voice actor for Macross

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And you.

I've shared flights, hotel lobbies, motivational seminars and wotnot with numerous people who I reckon were convinced they were famous, but who are not as famous as they like to think they are, as I neither know nor care who they were/are. The most hilarious, IMPO, are people like boxers, with their huge 'security entourages' which are pretty much the antithesis of actual security for real people who have security concerns but are not the US president.

I knew Gerry Robey for a couple of years. He gave me a very nice pen set as a present once. And I bet you dont know who the ****** he is, though.

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I knew Gerry Robey for a couple of years. He gave me a very nice pen set as a present once. And I bet you dont know who the ****** he is, though.

He isn't on wikipedia, so I have to assume you are making him up :P

Richard O'Brien once ran past me at Centre Parcs and I have Darth Vader's autograph. Sean Penn once held the door open for my mother at a London theatre.

I move in hallowed circles me.

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There was a time where I kept bumping into Dale Winton (no contact made). Once we were viewing flats and we realised we were in his place (Hampstead); then we saw him in Pennyhill Park (he was doing some TV thing where he married someone); and another time he was at the next table at Pizza Express in Upper St and we were wearing the same boots.

The whole restraining order thing is behind me now.

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Do you mean met (actually engaged with) or seen?

Met/seen in person close by. Doesn't matter.

Kelly Holmes was doing a promo for Aviva in York where I was working 2007. She was chatty. Spent a day at Lindstrand's factory in Oswestry.

Hayden Christensen and Rick McCallum were in Leicester Sq at the premiere of Revenge of the Sith (with all the usual Star Wars crew). Spoke briefly with Rick and got Hayden's autograph. He played Darth Vader (Dark Lord of the Sith). Spookily my life took several severe turns for the worse after that.

Saw Clive Owen in Oxford street dressed inconspicuously (trench coat and baseball cap).

Alan Cumming and Cerys Matthews both on Intercity trains going into London.

Owen and Cumming were trying were hard not to be recognized.

Saw Jamie Redknapp and Louise on Castelnau in Barnes. They genuinely are in love.

Josie D'arby on a Tube train going towards west London.

Dame Judi Dench was sat immediately behind me on a bus at Hammersmith Station.

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He isn't on wikipedia, so I have to assume you are making him up tongue.gif

laugh.giflaugh.gif No actually.

It's a bit like those adverts for one of those tech companies about all their geeks who have changed the world who you've never heard of. People who have made huge contributions to our society are seldom famous. Only empty-vessel celebs are famous in our OK! society.

Although, TBH, it's a bit like Boo Radley - why would anyone (except the insane) really want fame anyway? Try Boo on Wiki. Never met him, either, though.

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I did once meet Timmy Mallet in the street. He was wearing a large puffer jacket and a pair of patterned yellow leggings. "Mallet's mallet" was in a special mallet shaped zipped bag. Fair do's, being polite kids(!?) we just stared as he was in a hurry but he did give us a smile and a wave. All I can say now is, I hope he was actually going to a booking or a broadcast or something. Be a bit sad if thats how he went down the dry cleaners or the supermarket.

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Took a leak once stood next to David Beckham in a Harvester in Chingford. (Was in his early days) His parents live in the area.

Some old slapper (Katie Price) used to put it about a bit in another pub I frequented by the name of the Heath Tavern.. (Never Indulged)

Other than that not much..... Went to garden party once at Her Maj's Buck House but there were about 2000 other peeps there so it don't count.

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Do you mean met (actually engaged with) or seen?

just to clarify I have met (and engaged with) all in the first list except Mike Gatting (I saw him at a Tube station in London.

Oh, also that bloke from the antiques programme - Eric something or other - at T3 Heathrow.

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Norman Lamont

Sinead O'Connor

Prince Edward

Van Morrison

Michael Hutchence

Helena Christensen

Damon Albarn

Mick Hucknall

Roger Moore

Stephen Hendry

The Edge

That's all I can remember right now.

Very forgettable encounters anyway.

ps-oh and I remember Jeffrey Archer looking miserable at a book signing. he was completely ignored haha

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Blackpool Pier cira 1986

We spotted the two guys from BlackLace having a fag, my mate approached was totally blanked when he asked if they were the guys from BlackLace


For anyone who can't remember how good they were here's their biggest hit

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Is she really that hot itrw?

Sure, she turns up at the Macau Rockaza show every 9-18 months where you can see her get her kit off. She's quite a nice person and one of my mates got a picture of himself (her dressed) next to her. She actually goes and meets the audience at those shows.

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At this point it is appropriate to flesh out the story of my meeting with Peter Simon in a petrol station in Hale Barns. I was in line to pay and all I could hear was this strange man making appalling gags behind me. I looked nervously at the attendant who said 'oh never mind him, he used to be one of those comedians off the telly'. At which point, I sheepishly looked round to find Peter Simon, dressed in an ochre anorak. He looked at me, pulled some sort of showbiz pose and said 'do you recognise me?'. I did but I couldn't remember his name (only later did I find it out).

I told him I did recognise him and he said 'that's right, I used to be a presenter on Going Live' (he offered this). I said I thought that that was Schofield and Greene, to which he confirmed that he was not a main presenter but did an off-shoot gameshow with Shane Richie of all people.

I returned my girlfriend in the car, petrified and told her to exit the forecourt as fast and safely as was humanly possible.

That man needs fame.

Charles Kennedy - On the Fowey ferry in Cornwall

Alex Salmond -Shared a lift (up/down not as hitch hikers)

Neil Kinnock (Twice)

Stephen Fry (Melchett take note) In a Norwich 2nd hand bookshop.

Keith Floyd Once in his pub Floyd's Inn near Totnes Once by chance in a restaurant in France

Peter Davidson -Malaga airport.

Joanathan Miller - restaurant in Aldeburgh.

Alf Ventress from heartbeat - served him in a restaurant while helping out a friend.

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