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English Premier League Spending Tumbles


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Spending by Premier League clubs in the summer transfer window has tumbled 22% from last year, a report says.

The 20 clubs in England's top flight spent a total of £350m this summer, down from £450m last year, business analysts Deloitte said.

Big-spending Manchester City made up 36% of that, splashing out some £126m, though it recouped a reported 15m euros (£12m) of that with a last minute transfer of Robinho to AC Milan.

The transfer window closed at 1800 BST.

"In general clubs are more keen to spend money on wages than on transfers," said Paul Rawnsley, director of the sports business group at Deloitte.

Among the many factors weighing on clubs' spending, Mr Rawnsley noted the financial failure of Portsmouth FC, higher income tax rates on players' big pay packets, and a weaker pound making foreign transfers more expensive.

Interesting that clubs it appears now can't afford stupid prices and stupid wages, looks like they are just picking to pay stupid wages now?

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