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A Question On Commercial Property

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Hi. I have a question.

I am currently researching the commercial property market and was wondering if anyone could point me to some commercial property indexes / resources, and perhaps someone with knowledge in this area could give me some guidance/ opinion.

Thinks like:

1. Office vs retail vs warehouse space - are there different indexes? Do they need to be split into type to get a good picture?

2. Sizes - I'm guessing there is a difference in demand for large vs small commercial property? The size range is much larger than residential so I'm guessing indexes can get skewed easily. Perhaps not?

3. Location - more/ less important then residential when comparing trends?

Thanks in advance...

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The commercial Marlet is affected by each of the issues you have highlighted, and yes the indexs are split in show differing types I.e offices , retail, ind etc. The commercial Market has been hit hard . If you google some of the large agents knight frank dtz etc they often publish reports. Also your local commercial agents may have compiled their own reports/newsletters on the web.

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