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Mr Tickle

The Tide Is Changing ..

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Been to a family bash today, nice grub, very upmarket (the pie was delicious) and plenty of free flowing booze in the sunshine ......... lovely jubbly :lol:

Anyway, this the more financially astute?? side of the family, not seen most of them for about a year, and got chatting ..of course it came up .. you bought anywhere yet???

I start with the old I dont want to ruffle any feathers line, knowing that a couple of them have moved up the ladder in the last 2 years or so, saying we were just casually looking, but hadn't found anywhere.

The reply was "I know what you mean, but is now the time to buy? With prices beginning to fall!!!!!!!!"

You could have flicked me over with a feather I tell ya .......... It sounded most odd, and most refreshing after all this time of me saying to people prices will fall, a close family member telling me!

And if thse people think this, you can bet others will too, gradually gradually the word will spread :D;)

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Anyway, this the more financially astute?? side of the family,

Ah must be nice to have some...............mine are all of the midless"renting is money down the drain" brigade...............family reunions are a complete nightmare with me and Mrs BTLOptingOut practically the only ones renting.........it's just not worth discussing and I find myself in agreement purely to keep the peace: "Yes auntie Maureen you are right about the 'dead money' but we want to take our time looking for the right property also work looks a bit insecure at the moment."

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I quite often get people asking me when I'm going to buy again.

I simply say that I'm watching the market, and I will buy when I see something that I think represents good value.

That way I don't ruffle too many feathers (most of my friends own, and it's not nice to talk about how badly prices are falling at their houses)

It also stops people repeatedly asking the question, I just give the same answer. They all know I'm looking, but until I see 30% off, my money's staying in the bank.

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