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I was wondering if anybody had some evidence of a slow down in the 3-4 bedroom houses in central St Albans? And if yes - how much and what will the next 12 months bring. I sold in May 2010 but might look to enter again when the market has corrected. Looks like sellers are asking way too much and most properties are being marked down or taken off the market. My only doubt is the amount of people still waiting to buy a decent family house in a nice area with good schools etc. Still cheaper to buy if you have a decent deposit and take out a floating rate mortgage, especially if you have the view (like I do) that interest rates will stay close to 0 for the next 2-3 years.

Any thoughts?

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I've jsut started looking as thinking of moving back. Mixed signals so far from what i can see. Definitely a few price reductions but plenty on at rates that seem out of kilter with others. One of the est agents showing me around said that early in the year (when you sold i presume) there was very little on the mkt so sellers were holding out. more on now (not masses from what i can see) so more balanced. I get the impression that the offers are lower but overall seems to be ok still

note i'm looking at a slightly diff mkt - 2-3 bed chara houses in central st albans (defined as near station/ conservation area/ church st area. Would guess quieter over next couple of months but after that its the crystal ball of course. Wouldn't surprise me if that's a resilient mkt as very popular near station/ abbey conservation area



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Been renting in St Albans and looking to buy for over 2 years. Post 2008 prices rocketed, but it seems now that most property just isn't selling. Lots of crazy asking prices followed be either reductions or temporary removal from the market. One prime example is a house currently on Upper Culver Road (or Culver Street?). I think it's about £450-470k at the moment. It's actually been for sale for over 2 years, but occasionally gets taken off the market and brought back on at a different (sometimes higher) price. Obviously trying to give the impression it's just come on the market. Seems to be getting them nowhere so far...

From experience with friends I think the only thing that keeps the market here ticking over is people moving from London who think these prices are good value. They're the ones who pay the daft prices for small houses in crap areas. For the most part the market is moribund, and unless something happens to force people to sell they're just going to keep their houses at ridiculous prices and simply not selling. If you look at the figures on sites like Rightmove then supply has increased dramatically over the past 12 months, but prices have stalled, and the same property is staying on the market for long periods.

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