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Go to youtube and check out 'ewan dobson'...

Also check out 'candyrat records' in google for a list of some exceptional musicians..... they do tabs, too - bit pricey maybe, but I may get a few!

Was it too much effort to post a link?

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I'd like to be able to play something like this, where you keep the bassline going with your thumb while playing a melody:

Here is one of the easiest songs i have found that use this style of playing. Its a short bluesy number but a good intro to the technique


p.s. you will need power tab to view it


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He's very very good, but so are the other million youtube guitarists. I'm a bit bored now with the speed and technique thing. His playing is a little staccato for my liking.

Just give me a nice slow tune with feeling :)

There, I feel better after that little rant ....

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I have started to take Classical Guitar lessons. Whilst I am perfectly competent at most thing when I am holding a pick, I had no idea classical was quite so bloody hard.

When I can play Cavatina I will have achieved my goal on that instrument and go back to my PRS.

Lessons? Wimp!

Man up and teach youself, there's probably loads of great stuff on youtube, you don't have to pay £25 p/h and you get the replay option.

I took drum lessons as a tenager for a couple of years and my tutor spent ages showing me these techniques that could never get the hand of. When I went back to them a few years later with youtube I picked them all up in a few days. The clincher is that there's so much choice, you could spend weeks scouring the local area for every teacher but can do make a worldwide search within minutes on the net.

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Ace guitarist if you play with a pick. This is him just warming up before a concert I think.

There`s lots more on youtube

Or if you`re a picker, this blokes brill.

I can only dream of being this good

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When I can play Cavatina I will have achieved my goal on that instrument and go back to my PRS.

That's a tough piece by any standard assuming you're going to learn the John Williams arrangement (there are easier ones). If you can learn to play that all the way through smoothly you'll be able to pat yourself on the back big-time. It'll be hard work but absolutely worth it.

You've seen this I assume?

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I started learning some classical last year. I bought a nylon variax, which is surprisingly decent sounding. It'll get slagged off though of course :rolleyes: Anyway I started because I wanted the challenge, and thought it'd be great to actually play some of that beautiful classical music. I was also aware that if your relatives ask you to play something, they'll relate more to some classical acoustic than electric Paul Gilbert lightening speed :D

I haven't really found it harder than electric lead, just completely different. It demands very precise fingering and timing IMO. I've had to put it on hold for a while until I've moved home and things settle again. I'm keeping up my electric in the meantime and that is my priority.

I'd love to play Cavatina, and so many others too. The first piece I attempted was Pavane by Faure. I completed it and can play it (rough around the edges). But that was definately a nice achievement. Very rewarding!

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