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Land Registry Hpi July 2010 0.4%

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The ill gotten gains continue to grow. It can't go on. Can it?

...while subsidised by the taxpayer most of whom are locked out ....yes it can go on..... :rolleyes:

....but there are subsidy reductions on the way...from October I believe....:rolleyes:

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It's only a single data point - can't read much into one month.

Let's look at how all the indices pan out from September to the end of the year. I suspect a strong negative trend to emerge.

One positive or negative month is not really too indicative of much.

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BBC News just reporting this said that the number of houses being sold "under the hammer" is increasing. I thought auction sales are excluded from the LR figures as they are deemed not to be representative of true market price :rolleyes:.

They are. Don't know where they get this from?

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We need to start following auctions again and publishing results on here again.

I was at one in Hull the other week and a dozen houses went through , all terraces , most with a guide price of 40-45k and a couple with no reserve.

They all got bought above the guide price and there seemed to be a few very interested parties. Get 6k rent pa. Nice yield of over 10% is what people will have been thinking.

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We need to start following auctions again and publishing results on here again.

I posted a thread with the results to a local auction last week. They weren't good. Only 4 out of 20 lots sold. Next auction is 8th Sept so I'll post the results of that one too.

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House price inflation easing off, Land Registry shows

27 August 2010 Last updated at 11:38

Estate agent's window All surveys suggest that price rises are running out of steam

House price inflation in England and Wales is running out of steam, according to the latest figures from the Land Registry.

Although prices rose by 0.4% in July, the annual rate of increase fell back from 8.5% to 6.7%.

The figures chime with those of other surveys which have also suggested that prices have reached a plateau.

The average house price in England and Wales went up to £166,798, just £1,864 higher than in January.

The annual rate of house price inflation has now fallen for two months in a row, after picking up for the previous 15 months.

:blink: <rubs eyes> :blink::huh::lol:

Prices are "up" this month and the BBC are bearish?? :lol:

This is it. We're officially at the start of the "Fear" stage.

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