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Eu To Spend £8 Million A Year

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The European Union is to squander millions of pounds a year on a grand headquarters for its controversial new diplomatic corps.

As national governments across the continent slash spending, Eurocrats are set to put aside some 10 million euros - more than £8million - to lease an office block in Brussels for its new 'foreign ministry'.

The amount has been signed off by the EU's high representative, Baroness Ashton, who will be in charge of a huge army of new European ambassadors.

Some 7,000 civil servants are expected to move into the building, Triangle House, to run Baroness Ashton's European External Action Service, which will have a budget of £5.8billion a year.

A spokesman for Open Europe, the Eurosceptic think-tank which noticed the plans to lease the tower block, attacked the move.

She said: 'The ballooning costs of the EU's new foreign service are becoming an increasing burden on British taxpayers and stand in sad contrast to the cuts facing the UK's Foreign Office, which does a much better job of representing UK citizens' interests throughout the world.'

A spokesman for the TaxPayers' Alliance said: 'It's a disgrace that the commission is throwing millions of pounds at the EEAS, just so that they can have s*****y offices.'

A spokesman for Baroness Ashton said: 'No decision has been taken on where the EEAS will be situated.'

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