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The Next Modern Day Atlantis?

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Guest growl

As we watch pictures on the television of New Orleans. Other places around the world are looking to their own flood defences.

Its not just the authorties who were in charge of keeping up the levees in New Orleans who have not kept up with funding the infrastructure of the area. At home here in Great Britain we have had our own floods over the past few years with promises from Prescott to sort out our defences while around our coast the authorities are actually letting the sea reclaim the land.

Venice and other places continually wage a battle with nature to keep their city above water.

Only a few years ago some scientists were saying that parts of Britain and Europe would be under water in thirty years. Are we seeing the begining of this. Is the science wrong, is it pseudo science?

People are saying that Katrina was at the peak of a hurricane cycle that can last for a long period of years.

Much of Holland was under water 50 years ago when a hurricane force storm broke their sea defences.

So which great city will be next, and what kind of money will it take to prevent a disaster on the scale of New Orleans to happen?

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