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Mach 3 Turbo Blades About £9 For 5

The Masked Tulip

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Clippers. £20. 8 years ago. Saves money and looks manly. Lumberjack shirt not included.

Will also come in handy when conscription comes back for WWIII. ;)

You won't need them, the radiation will make it fall out. ;)

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They should just invent one really sharp one.

Proctor and gamble who own the filleted brand own the patent for a laser cut ceramic razor that is 100 times sharper than steel, never goes rusty and lasts for years. Shockingly they bought patent to shelve it.

Whilst on this subject did you know those little plastic 'safety' covers are designed as a damp retainer to ensure the razor deteriorates as fast as possible. Internally were described as water retaining clips until someone thought good idea to ensure that doesn't get out

Note that filleted is the predictive txt version of gillette.

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Stop believing the marketing about "The best a man can get". It isn't. Switch to an old fashioned safety razor like the Merkur 34c


Have bought 100 blades online (well over 18 - 20 months of shaving) for £10.

Throw in a real badger brush and some Geo F Trumper shave cream, and you won't turn back.

Multi-blades just cause irritation and ingrown hairs... (and lock consumers to a particular brand)

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The worst thing about gillette, isn't the fact that they're soon going to have 10 razors on a single head with a free vibrator, it's the god awful adverts! The ones that were on a couple of months back had a computerised Roger Federer playing tennis.

Fortunately I only shave once or twice a week, I'm no cave man!

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Hey Gilette, I got an idea how you can make more money.

See those 5 blades, just make 1 good blade, and 4 poor ones. That way they need replacing much sooner.

Also, those shave gels/foams add a touch of salt and a oxidising agent to corrode the blades sooner


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