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I gather i'm not alone in thinking L*3 (Phil Spencer, Kirsty Alslop & C4) should be brought to account over their diatribe.

Time to start taking some action. I think one of the most clasical pieces of bad advice was the "Alexia" episode. If we can get a journalist to conduct a follow-up on poor Alexia i'm sure it will bring some red faces to Spencer & Co.

I have just sent the following to a "Phil Whiteside" who recently posted on here looking for stories:

Who else can we get the message to, surely if we send to enough Journos someone may publish something?


Hi Phil

In response to your post on the HousePriceCrash Forum.


My name is Philip Whiteside. I am am a journalist looking at the issue of negative equity...... ....If you have been affected by negative equity, I would be very pleased to hear from you. Initially the conversation would be off the record, so we can get a flavour of what is happening across the country. If you would feel able to talk, please contact me at philipiwhiteside@yahoo.com or on77** ******.

I don't have a personal account but thought the following may make good reading in one of your publications:

You may have read the following report in todays Sunday Times from Merryn Webb: Sunday Times stating that buying is the new dead money. Clearly if buying is the new dead money then "Buying to Let" is the new Dot.com.

It would make a fasinateing article if there was a follow-up to a recent episode of Location Loction Loction screened on C4: L*3

Meanwhile, Phil is in London helping city girl Alexia find a property. Problem is, her budget is just £90,000. Phil tackles the problem head on; instead of looking for a home in London, he searches for an investment property away from the capital's inflated prices. He picks Lincoln, a city with a booming market and great letting potential. But will Alexia overcome her phobia of student rentals in time to bag a prime property?

In this episode a young single woman (Alexia) looking for a place to live in London was given the outstandingly bad advice of purchasing an "investment" property (grotty student share) over 160 miles away (in Lincoln). Since this episode was screened it transpires that house prices have fallen nationally for 14 mths in a row:

Hometrack August

The falls for Lincoln being:

Lincoln average house price June '04: Lincoln £104,300

Lincoln average house price August '05: £100,900

It may need some research and investigation but i'm sure a follow-up to Alexia's "investment" would make a cracking good read.

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Nice one. Its time those two shysters were held to account.

In for a penny


Forwarded Message:

Subj: Your Article

Date: 04/09/2005 10:48:19 GMT Standard Time


To: weekend.money@thetimes.co.uk

Dear The Times

Loved the article in this Sundays Times: "Merryn On Money: Buying - not renting - is the new ‘dead money’"

It me thinking, that if buying is the new dead money then perhaps Buying to Let is the new Dot.com.

It would make a fascinating article if there was a follow-up to a recent episode of Location Location Location screened on C4.................................

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well it's worth a try B)


Forwarded Message:

Subj: Location*3

Date: 04/09/2005 10:57:18 GMT Standard Time


To: talkback@the-sun.co.uk

Thought the following might make a good little story and cause a few red faces at C4:

You may have read the following report in today's Sunday Times..........

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That's enough from me......off to stuff my face with a slap up Sunday breki now :-)


Forwarded Message:

Subj: Little story

Date: 04/09/2005 11:05:52 GMT Standard Time


To: investigate@mirror.co.uk

Thought the following might make an amusing story and create a few red faces at C4:........................

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I have just sent this e-mail to Phil Whiteside.............

Others may wish to e-mail him too?


Location, location, location

Your investigation should, at the very least, include an examination of how this programme has served to ramp up property prices and encourage the naive to take on huge debts in the belief that one most get on the 'property ladder' at all costs.

The wilful two who front this vile programme should be 'named and shamed'. They pose as 'property experts', yet they have a vested interest in inflating the market for their own ends. Their programmes are peppered with phrases like 'this will be the next location to explode' and so on. The reality is the property bubble peaked last year and has been dropping continuously ever since (Hometrack reports). To continue the fiction that property prices only ever go up is deeply irresponsible.

The question for the TV company which happily trots out Allsopp's tripe as 'expert guidance', is whether it has considered its legal duty of care to its viewers, or contemplated the prospect of a class action from disgruntled buyers who now face negative equity as the result of the shockingly bad advice from this silly pair.

Potentially a nice story! I hope you will give this pair of charlatans the stick they rightly deserve.

Kind regards

Edited by Red Baron

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makes you wonder, why they want high house prices in the first place, the next "step", is going to cost more. Its better if all our houses cost feck all. Stupid tits.

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