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Deposit Retrun And Carpet Damage

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I made a mark on the carpet of the house I am moving out fo today. It is quite a significant mark (I split some dirty wwater and then made it worse by using a lot of carpet cleaner. However, the carpet is a standrad carpet put in by builders ona new build and is 12 years old. I went to a carpet shop and they said that a carpet in the hallway should have a lifespan of 7 years and up to 10 for a wool carpet (although that would mark more). Am I correct in thinking that using the ALRA's betterment calcultauons that my cost is £0 because the carpet is already older than what could be described as its useful life?

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I would have thought it depends on the state of the carpet. If the house has been used hard in the 12 years, then you have a strong case. If the carpet is (was) in perfect condition, then the landlord has a case. The carpet in my spare room is probably 20 years old - because it is hardly used, it is in perfect condition and I'd be livid if someone trashed it.

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It all depends on what condition it was in at the start of your tenancy.

You can't simply use the age of an item as a way of avoiding responsibility for its damage.

Scenario: you move in to a newly-redecorated place. The lifetime of the carpets is 7 years fair wear and tear. You stay there 7 years.

How much refund should it be worth if you vacate it in such good condition that the landlord doesn't have to redecorate for the next tenant?

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