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Death Of The 'mcmansion'

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"They've been called McMansions, Starter Castles, Garage Mahals and Faux Chateaus but here's the latest thing you can call them - History."

The article is worth a glance, but nothing you haven't seen before, its the comments that make it interesting. 3200 comments of Americans arguing with each other , don't like big houses ? "SOCIALIST!!!!" "COMMUNIST!!!""

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The Mcmansion seems an american curiosity. Look on streevtview canada or australia, even there with all the land houses arent that excessive.

They all seem fake too. Brick frontal elevations with clapboard down the back and sides.

Just makes them quicker to rebuild after they've been blown down by a hurricane/tornado...

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OMG - does that mean i've bought a McMansion!!!!!!!!!!

It doesn't have pillars and tack, but does qualify on the square footage.

Next they'll make a film similar to supersize.

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They all seem fake too. Brick frontal elevations with clapboard down the back and sides.

There is people on that thread defending their home against the McMansion charge, as they have "brick all the way round", hmmmm.

Other people in there reveal that many even used painted Styrofoam to get the sculptured look on the front....Classy stuff

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I know someone who lives on an estate in Worcester that's made up of 4 bed houses that are all different styles of mockness.


Are they mcmansions?


Think 3-car garages, 3-6,000 sq ft, and according to americans 'small plots', although they look plenty big enough to me.

Most our suburban 'executive' detached houses on that RM link are on smaller plots than american inner city houses.



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Dont think we actually have many 'mc mansions' in the UK - yes there are one off ones, but not whole estates/subdivisons of 'cookie cutter' ones like the americans have.

There is a golf community type place in Northampton that comes pretty close though, some have triple garages, check out how close together the first few homes are on streetview through this link.


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