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I came across this website:


It struck me as a good idea initially, about time too.

But on closer inspection it looks like some crazy union/communist/socialist worker initiative.

It is time young people took action, because quite frankly I think things as they stand, and are looking into the future look truly horrific.

The trouble is a collective movement has to have sensible and achievable aims. Something unfortunately this doesn't seem to have.

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At Last!

As Everyone else has failed them, it is truly heartwarming to see some young people standing up collectively, to press their point of view.

If young people do not aim for the unattainable, ours is a doomed society and deservedly so.

I would add to their aims, the end to the 'voluntary' work assumption that requires them to work for nothing before they can apply for real jobs.

I hope that we see some demonstrations and direct action soon. Youth unemployment is less equitable than the Poll Tax.

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The first proper well paid job i got when i was 22. I had left school at sixteen with a few "O" levels and had had dead end jobs untill the time that this job came along. Was I pleased to get it . ( 1985 )

Ten months after starting there I bought my first flat , small new build basic flat in East London , I paid £34,000 for it and people i worked with looked at me in astonishment as I was the first to got over £30,000 , the figure where stamp duty kicked in and you only got miras on the first 30k.

People I worked with a year - 18 months prior to me had bought houses for under £30k.

It was normal for most of the men there to be married with a few children and a mortgage at 25 , with the wife not working. How things have changed for the young .

How many 25 year old's could be in that position now , the men i worked with had also mostly left school at 16 , todays 25 year old is much more educated but earning much less and houses are much dearer ,and it looks like things will get worse for them not better .


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