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Muscular Christianity. It's a powerful combination even now, leaving aside all moral debate.

Housman was in fact a muscular atheist…. Some of his poems approach a kind of subtle blasphemy [in the theological sense], if indeed unbelievers can blaspheme.

As for long walks as a fashionable pastime; it’s not Victorian in origin. It is a product of the Romantic Movement, and they are part of various Jane Austen plots. She died 20 years before Victoria came to the throne. `Walking Dresses’, featured in fashion plates from about 1800, were especially designed for those long walks where a young women [by prior secret arrangement] might meet someone she fancied.

However, remember, beer is best.

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You are right regarding the clientel,but the point was about beer quality.The restaurant at The Swan has nosedived.Being local we only go there out of season.The value gets revised downwards from May-Sept.I used to think it was rubbish about beer not travelling well but Adnams seems to fit this category.30 miles down the road and it's poor.

Fair point.

I can find it down here in London and recently in Kent, but its just not the same.

(local boy in excile)

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Not usually that much of a real ale drinker.. but this is by far and away the best I have tasted:



English Pale Ale "A pale crisp beer, with strong citrus aromas and flavour"

One of our first beers; named 'Young Pretender' to celebrate the visit of Bonnie Prince Charlie to Wigan in 1745. For the history buffs, he actually lodged in Hallgate, Wigan on his way back to Scotland after losing the Battle of Derby.

It is a very pale crisp beer with a strong aroma of citrus fruit that leads to a dry and hoppy finish. Winner of the Barnton Cricket Club Beer festival 2006.

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If you are ever in Sussex try Harvey's Best. It's the best!

Too true, my local doers a lovely pint of that, great session beer. HSB by gales always used to be really good, but I am not sure how good it is now they closed down the Horndean brewery and started making it in Chiswick (if they are even still making it).

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Interesting discussion, I drink a lot of different beer as the pub local to work always has 5 guest ales which rotate every couple of weeks. We go in there every Friday for lunch.

Also interesting to hear stories of beers not travelling, being local to Kent I love Shepards Neame yet somebody else said they were not that impressed.

My particular favourite is Late Red, it used to be a seasonal special but it's one of their standard ones now.

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