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Lord Prescott Calls For Limits On Political Party Spending

Bruce Banner

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Just reported on BBC News.

"Lord Prescott calls for limits on political party spending".

Presumably this has nothing to do with Labour being in the brink of bankruptcy :rolleyes:.


I think Bloo Loo noted that Labour's impending bankruptcy is one of those stories that newspapers keep repeating.

I think ever since 2005, when Blair incurred most of the current Labour debt on the election for that year.

Yes, it's fairly certain that the Tories, being in power, will now be able to 'sell favours' and outspend Labour for the forseeable future, so Lord Croquet does indeed have a necessary slant on the issue.

In previous incarnations of this story, the idea was floated that (in the interests of fairness) political parties should be supported by taxes rather than donations. That's probably the next debate to be revived.

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This mans whole career has been a farce and an utter deceit right from him entering politics........

Any opinion he gives is utterly irrelevant ......

Proven by his own actions in BRAZENLY accepting a Lordship ...which represents everything he supposedly stood against and verbally babbled upon throughout his entire parliamentary career ,

.......... On doing so , he blew out of his **** any of his remaining relevance and integrity to UK politics when he bent over on to his knees to accept the ermine ...

..dishonest to his wife ...dishonest to the electorate

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