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Job Suspicions?

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Is this suspicious?

I emailed a CV across on the off chance of yeah whatever...probably won't amount to anything.

3 minutes later I was invited to an interview Tuesday via email. Which surprised me massively and I cracked open a beer I had lying around.

However post beer I suddenly felt it was suspicious and checked around with some odd things about this company.

#1 It has no website at all, which strikes me as strange since even my friends take out places have websites.

#2 A Co house webcheck reveals they've moved around several times in 2010 from all over the country.

#3 The job advert after careful checking was from April 2010. This is the kicker as it appears to be quite well paid vs the hours put in. Which again makes me think eh? In that how can this be?

#4 Other than the webcheck I can find almost no references to the company at all, nothing the company appears to be a ghost.

#5 The address checked via google maps appears to be a farm house or something in the middle of nowhere.

What say you HPC? I'm going to ride past it on Monday have a look which is a PITA because I put the CBR away already...

Too good to be true? Olde' Ken will be found in a bath tub of ice minus most of his major organs?

The intent is to rebuild some of my money working there till tax season is over (January 31 2011) then prep a bike and complete the tour ride entitled unfinished business across Africa then vanish off to Asia properly.

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Nah well when I phoned them they are always busy... wont respond to my emails....


Wonder if it is worth visiting them, its 50miles away though and the bike has been put into storage.

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I think you've hit nail on the head

training fee scam type of thing or something along those lines expect a some kinda fee contact hidden

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