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Boss Of Chestertons Says:


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Quote "Buying and selling property is a driver of the UK economy"

Of course! Not making things exporting them and employing skilled workers...damn his eyes.

Interview about Govt review of house price indices - why they are so useless.

Today's business section 20 August 2010 - go in 15 mins for interview.


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to be fair at least it's only an estate agent saying this.

i'd only get genuinely upset by this kidney stone of wisdom if it had been gushed by someone whose adequate performance of their job required an element of credibility or honesty.

The German finance minister once introduced Alistair Darling at some international finance meeting with the words:

"and now here is the British chancellor who will tell us how to run an economy based entirely on real estate."

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According to the ONS data housing "wealth" was about 40% of UK Plc overall wealth. Since we have so little manufacuring our money is made (spent) on houses and the feeder service industry (bankster stuff).

Chestertons are right. HPI is our lifeblood--without it we have recession.

When houses stop inflating the economy tanks--like it is doing now. Sterling is linked to HPI also and I suspect the fall from 2.11 a couple of years or so ago to 1.55 today has something to do with the change in fortunes of house prices.

Its all about house prices in this country.

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