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Governments Just Mess Things Up

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They have messed up education, the yhave messed up the ownership of infrastructure in this country, they have messed up pensions, they have messed up dental care, they are messing up the NHS, they are messing up housing, they just constaint messing around, at the end the only people that win are the politcians and business, eveyone else just seems to lose out.

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It's Ringo's Law (a quote of Ringo Starr)

"Everything the government touches turns to crap"


Ringo's Law and the Destruction of American Healthcare

American healthcare should be cheap and getting cheaper, easy to access, effective yet rapidly improving, and with nearly endless options for treatment, pricing, and method of delivery. The cheaper-faster-better dynamic we enjoy in high-tech areas that are not blighted by government regulation and control could and would apply to the medical and pharmaceutical industries if only we let it.

Instead, American healthcare has been broken for decades and continues getting worse. Prices are bizarrely, absurdly high and customer satisfaction is low. Government regulation (more accurately termed "protectionism") for the medical and pharmaceutical cartels ......

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