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Probably Off Topic... 200,000 Uk Students Told To Go To China To Study!

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Nottingham and Bolton with huge numbers of places available in Malaysia... and the Dutch offering free rail fares and waiving tuition fees. A few other perks if you end up in the Netherlands too I shouldn't wonder ;)

Can't see how UK universities have pricing power now. But I guess what's happening is the UK is aligning itself to be the top 10% of people globally and "hang the rest". It starts with the jobs market and ends with education and all the finer things the UK has to offer.

How are people going to feel when they realise they're competing with 6 billion others for a place at their local university?

Looks like globalisation is moving along apace, depression or not.

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...will help them to face the real world of today....this is good.... :)

Can't help thinking that the Masters of the Universe that we breed aren't actually superior beings at all. I just don't want to think about the world in 20 years time and what kind of delusional business speak will be used to justify the next wealth paradigm. Everyone has a place in this world - you really can't genetically favour those predisposed to bull$H1T and hope to win. Everyone should come along for the ride IMHO. We only have social selection, free markets and "healthy competition" because human beings don't by default do the right thing or try their best.

I comfortably predict that the world is going to consume itself to death in about 50 years in the pursuit of "excellence".

You can't win...

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