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Unable To Move In New House Because Of Toilet?!

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Bit of a strange one really.

Last month we received the full asking price for our house which had been on the market for quite some time to be honest (on and off). This buyer seemed a dream and we were well chuffed to receive an offer after so long.

After searching high and low in our desired areas, we finally found a home that the family ALL loved (after many arguments regarding other properties).

The property in question is a Taylor Wimpey build and has been used as a show house for the last four years when the builders moved to the plot. After selling their final property on the plot, Taylor Wimpey are now ready to move on and are now offering this show house, with all contents inside which we are able to meet the full asking price.

HOWEVER, Taylor Wimpey's sales office is located in the same building where the garage of the property is to be (joined on to the house; windows will be taken out and converted into garage doors when they vacate). Sales staff said we would not be able to move into the property til late November because staff use the toilet and kitchen (to make tea) in the show house as the sales office obviously doesn't have these facilities (it is intended to be a garage after all). New builders (TW, Persimmons, Barrats) often stay on site for a few months because they offer an "aftercare" service assisting new residents with all the problems that arrive from moving into a new property (dripping taps/broken light bulbs). So they are not going to budge from thes ite.

We don't mind waiting til November for them to vacate the garage as it wouldn't bother us, however our buyer is unwilling to wait until November to move into ours (apart from her, there is no chain).

We really can't afford to go into rented accommodation so if this problem of a stupid toilet doesn't get resolved, we'll have to take our house off the market and stay put again. :(

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Is this a rant or a question? Can't they use a portaloo or hire one of those boxes that is a full toile tincluding sinks etc.?

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Get a discount on the Taylor Wimpey and use it to rent

Yes! Tell them that you will lose your buyer and the sale will fold if they do not find a solution with you! A company like that should have access to a portable bulding easily enough. They would be mad not to sell since the market is about to tank. I do hope you are not taking on too much extra mortgage, because there is no way homes are going to go up and that means they will go down. In my view quite substatially in most places.

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